Check Out These Fashionable Cats Celebrating Bow Tie Day

Dressing your cat up can be tricky business. Many cats aren’t too enthusiastic about being asked to wear a costume for their owner’s amusement. But slipping a bow tie around your cat’s collar can be a smart compromise between looking dapper and keeping your feline comfortable.

In celebration of August 28 being Bow Tie Day, here’s a salute to some very fancily-dressed cats.

1. Black Cats Love Yellow Bow Ties

First up we have a dinky little black cat sporting a creation from Sweet Pickles Design, a Portland-based company that’s all about fabularizing your feline. The kitten’s name is Okeye and he’s looking fetching in a vibrant yellow bow tie.

2. Who’s A Snazzy Meowdel?

Mykyta likes to call himself a “snazzy meowdel.” Here this tabby tortoisehell has spruced himself up in a bright, pattered bow tie to lip-smacking success.

3. Inspired By Beyonce

Ori the cat has been inspired by Beyonce to dance around in this green linen creation, which is made by Paper Paw + Stuff in California. The rest of the bow tie range includes designs incorporating strawberries, bananas and flamingos.

4. Bow Ties And Pink Birds

teasing the neighbours dogs 😼 . How do you behave around dogs? 🐶 Elvis hisses at them and is very tough, while me and Melvin on the other hand are very afraid of them and just runs away.. 🙈 But high up on the fence on our side of the garden even I can be a little bit cocky and make some silly faces to them 🤪👊🏼 . Want the same bowtie as me? 🎀 Click on the link in our bio to get to our shop where we sell this handmade bowtie, and many more! 🙌🏼 . . . . #salidiekatze #meowdel #meowfeature #meowdel_feature #coibowtie #cats_of_instagram #cutecatclub #cutecatskittens #cutecatcrew #etsysmallbusiness #etsyshop #etsyseller #krazymeows #kittylookbook #dailycatstagram #bestcatclub #pamperedcats #catbowtie #cats_of_world #catsoninstagram #catsofig #catbowtie #sillycats #sillycat #funnycats #funnycatpics #funnycat #funnycatpic #catswiththeirtonguesout #happytot

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Speaking of pink flamingos, here’s a snapshot of Charlie looking fancy in a bow tie from Sweden’s Salibow. Sticking his tongue out is a pro bow tie pose.

5. Bow Ties For Cat Naps

After a long day strutting around in your bow tie, it’s perfectly acceptable to make like Mr. Bruce Miesy — who’s sporting a multi-colored plaid design from the House Of Harrie Hattie — and enjoy a well-earned nap.

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