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This is my mitted lynx Ragdoll, Leonardo Edward Whittleman-Perez. He was found in a tree at two months old in Illinois. Talk about winning the cat lottery! His first meal was popcorn chicken from the Sonic Drive-thru. When he was two, he and I relocated to the palm trees of Florida. Here, he found lizards! I would say the word and he would search the walls for a skink which he became very successful at catching. Fret not, he did not eat them! He was too regal for that! He did take to the sunshine state quite well. As soon as the blinds opened, he would belly up with his paws tucked to his chest and sunbathe.

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This fluffy boy was with me for nearly 15 years! He was my constant companion through sad times and the happiest of times. That boy was my angel when I felt hopeless. In 2013, I entered us into the Sheba Feed Your Passion contest and guess what? We won $5000! Shortly thereafter, I met my fiancé and they truly embraced one another. We were a family of 3!

This special fur face made an impact on everyone he met- whether in person or on the internet. He was a true beauty inside and out. He was my first experience with a Ragdoll and everyone was impressed with his size, his markings and his social skills.

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As my dad put it, he was very symmetrical. He had a melodic meow, aquatic eyes with impeccable white eye liner and the most precious mitteny paws. He had a plastic fetish. He loved to lick it- the crinklier better. His favorite food was thinly shredded white cheese and since it was in a plastic bag, that really got him running to the fridge! We both really enjoyed the evening time. We missed each other tremendously after work and that is also when the mail would come. We are shopaholics so that meant boxes and bags. What cat doesn’t gravitate towards that?

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I have my degree in fashion marketing which had an influence on Leo! He was one fashionable feline. He got frequent lion cuts which seemed quite fitting with his name. They cost more than my hair cuts at $120 every two months! One of his signatures was his fluffy white mane, so only the best mobile groomer for this handsome boy. He would show off his cut with an elegant cat walk, sashaying down the hallway. His middle name, Edward, came from my paternal grandpa and uncle who left us too soon.

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Leonardi (as his cat dad affectionately called him) passed on June 10, 2018. The world feels empty without him. He was our son and the light of our lives. We plan to rescue another Ragdoll in his honor who we will name Donatello Edward aka Telly. I’ve always joked that I live with two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My fiancé, Rafael, and of course my beloved Leonardo. He will live furrever in our hearts and home.

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