Litter-Robot Open Air Product Review – 2.5 Years Later!

After having the Litter-Robot Open Air for over 2 years now, I wanted to put together a very comprehensive review video for those who are deciding whether or not to buy the Litter-Robot Open Air.

This comprehensive product review video includes (in this order):

  1. How the Litter-Robot works
  2. How a Ragdoll cat fits in the Litter-Robot and moves inside of it
  3. What kind of cat litter you need to use – we use Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter
  4. Frequently asked questions I have received through the years – either directly answered or mentioned in the video
  5. How to introduce cats to the Litter-Robot Open Air – the litterbox comes with awesome instructions on how to introduce your cats slowly.
  6. How to clean the Litter-Robot – of course, it self cleans after every use, but about every 6 months, I actually clean the Litter-Robot unit itself.
  7. How to Disassemble the Litter-Robot
  8. How to Reassemble the Litter-Robot
  9. What the Litter-Robot Does at Night Time
  10. Litter-Robot Connect – their Wi-Fi enabled App – helps you be able to monitor your cat’s waste and also when the waste drawer is full
  11. Litter-Robot Accessories – are they the right fit for you or not?  We talk abotu the carbon filter, the ramp, the fence and the litter waste drawer bags
  12. Our affiliate link which will save you $25 off the purchase.


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