One Extraordinary Cat Has Taken The Internet By Storm! Bailey And His Love For His Human Sisters

One 13-year-old cat is taking the world by storm. Meet Bailey; truly no ordinary cat.

This loving ginger Tabby chose his furever human Erin Merryn, back in 2004 when she was in college. Unfortunately, the dorms she was living in did not allow pets, but that didn’t stop her from sneaking him in!

Photo: YouTube screenshot; Baby Bailey before being busted in the dorm

When she and Bailey were busted a week later, she had to make a difficult decision. She was forced to give him up. The sweet cat that had won her heart was placed into another home with an elderly woman.

The forced decision broke Erin’s heart. When the winter break from school approached, she received an update on Bailey and his new home. He was not fitting in well with the woman’s other animals.

Erin now had a month off of school to convince her parents that Bailey belonged with their family. With 2 other felines and a dog at home however, this was going to make her task very difficult.

Photo: Facebook Erin Merryn

Luckily she won mom over and states that although dad never officially “appurroved” the addition to the family, Bailey was welcomed into their home!

As life progressed, Bailey and Erin bonded closely through their journey.

When Erin became pregnant in 2014, she worried that the new baby would affect their relationship. She was right, but could never have imagined the amazing and positive way in which it did!

Bailey took to her new belly bump with all the brotherly love in the world.

Photo: Facebook Erin Merryn

When baby Abby was born, Bailey immediately claimed her for his own and doted on her every minute.

This extraordinary feline was by her side for every momentous occasion in her development.

As Abby grew, she and her new best friend Bailey, shocked Erin with their bond and gentle nature towards each other. Fortunately for the world, Erin captured the unbelievable moments on camera and has happily shared.

The adorable duo snuggle together during nap times.

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

Bailey calmly allows “Dr. Abby” to attend to his veterinary needs.

The family was then blessed in 2016 with another addition, sister Hannah. And true to form, Bailey welcomed her with open paws.

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

Now, the sisters and their brother Bailey are winning the hearts of the world through their innocence and pure love for each other.

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat; Time for school and bath time
Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat; Story time and the trio on “bunny watch”


Never was there a more chill cat.

Bailey happily allows the girls to indulge in dressing him up and lavishing him with love…and spa days!

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat; Bailey not ashamed to live the princess lifestyle.

Serenades fill the air and holiday memories are celebrated as a beautiful family.

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

He attends “school” and looks like he may be the most attentive student this day.


Bailey now has his own Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages as this “anything but ordinary cat” is thrust into stardom. When Erin shared a video of Abby reading to Bailey, there was no stopping the public from falling head over heels with the siblings.

Be sure to follow Bailey’s on social media…that is, IF you can handle the most adorable photos and videos without your heart exploding!!!

And with baby #3 on the way, there are only sure to be even more overwhelmingly precious pics to come.

Three pregnancies! Bailey likes to photobomb my bump photos. #baileynoordniarycat

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NEW UPDATES! What Has The “Man Who Found Kittens Under His Bed But Doesn’t Own A Cat” Been Up To?

WARNING *Some tweets may include vulgar language due to the uncontrollable joy being experienced*

You may recall the article we wrote a couple months ago about the hilarious and exciting news Twitter user Paris Zarcilla shared with the world.

Since then, his Twitter feed has been flooded with adorable cat and kitten pictures while he nervously anticipated the day when mama cat would be checked for a micro-chip. If she was found to have an owner, he may have to return the furry family that he had so quickly fell in love with.

Photo: GoFundMe page; the babies growing more and more adorable each day

To the absolute delight of his now more than 47,000 followers, he has kept everyone close by his side throughout the emotional journey.

“Have been receiving replies to my missing cat poster. THANKFULLY, none of them match. The Gryffindor in me will do the right thing if and when the time comes. BUT my Slytherin self says “THESE ARE MY G**DAMN CHILDREN NOW YOU S.o.B!” I’ll be fine.”

There are just not enough hours in the day to delight in the amount of adorable kitten pictures and posts!

Life as a “cat servant” seems to suit Paris well. As his phone became full of precious feline photos, he was proud to show off his children to everyone.

Every momentous step in the kittens development and daily progress was thankfully documented.

While the new mom doted on her babies, Paris hadn’t received any matches to the numerous posts and inquiries in the area for any missing cats. He knew it was time he had to confirm and check for a microchip.

The world waited with baited breath as he nervously posted tweet after tweet from the waiting room of the veterinarian office.

NOW AS AN OFFICIAL CAT PURRENT, Paris happily accepted the task of helping raise 4 kittens.

Kitten proofing (attempts) began and were met with willing challengers.

But Zarcilla was in for a most unexpected surprise!

After selflessly sharing the entire saga and the unfiltered emotional roller-coaster he had been on with the public, the public was graciously there for him in his new-found role of cat dad.

Twitter fans pleaded with him to set up a GoFundMe page knowing that a new cat owner is often overwhelmed with the financial reality of having an animal, let alone a mama and her 4 kittens!

“I have never been so positively affected by anything. ANY THING.”

“Their purity, their majesty. It’s magic. Frankly, they’ve pulled me from a dark place and in to their light. The daily lessons I learn from them are illuminating, infinite and far reaching. And these lessons are not just about cat fatherhood but also aspects about myself. I’m going to love and protect them until they need me no more and that’s the least I can give them.” ~ excerpt from his GoFundMe page.

They raised an amazing £4,075.00, which is over $4,600.00! 

So now Paris and his furry family are official! He has also decided that “The Queen” mama cat needed a better name…so she will now be known as Forever. We’re really hoping that as his cad-dad transformation and initiation period ends, he will rightfully spell that FURever =)

CONGRATS to Paris, mama Forever, boys Rickon, Jamie and Tyrion and solo babygirl, Lyanna Mormont.


He’s clearly learned the most important thing already. 

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One Cat, Four Bad Knees And A Foster Team Stopping At Nothing To Help Him Survive!

Two weeks ago, a darling cat named Christopher’s life almost ended.

Photo courtesy of Jen Tate; St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

He was taken in by the local county shelter and put on the euthanasia list, giving him only HOURS to live, if that. Why was this sweet cat doomed? Because he had 2 luxating patellas…translation: bad knees!

There are many of us out there with this same condition. But are we facing death because of it?! Certainly not.

Fortunately, St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, FL were informed of his plight. Rushing to the shelter, they were able to commit to taking the deserving boy into their foster care, saving him from certain death.

Photo courtesy of Jen Tate; St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

One of their experienced fosters had sadly that very day, lost her greyhound, who also suffered from leg issues. Perhaps helping Christopher in honor of her beloved dog’s memory would save more than one soul.

However, when Christopher was taken in for his first vet visit, they discovered the issue with the 10-month old boy was more serious that originally documented.

Photo courtesy of Jen Tate; St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

All 4 of his legs had problems. The tiny tibias on his back legs are severely curved which pulls on his knees, affecting his quality of life. His condition is most likely due to a rare birth defect and will require great care and multiple surgeries to help him.

Animal rescuing is an ongoing war, fighting battle after battle. With Christopher, his brief stay at the county shelter also provided him with one more thing to conquer…an upper respiratory infection.

While his vet could begin to address the infection, he would not be able to do the surgeries to help his legs. He did admit that it was the worst case of the affliction that he’d ever seen.

Photo courtesy of Jen Tate; St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

But, there was an option.

Another surgeon, Dr. Hay WOULD be able to perform the surgeries!

The costly surgeries.

Surgery is estimated at a MINIMUM cost of $2000 for EACH LEG!

St. Francis fosters know that little brave Christopher is worth every penny though. Before the infection took hold, you can see how happy and playful he is in the video below. They are certain that after the surgery he would live a healthy and normal life.

They will continue to monitor and have further exams on his front legs, but it does not look like he will require surgery on these limbs.


So for now baby Christopher is fighting his infection and just fighting to breathe. He has spent the last several days at the animal hospital receiving fluids, medications and blood-work. They believe Christopher has started to turn a corner and will make it, but he needs round-the-clock care until he is well enough to start eating on his own.

This has not stopped the handsome Tabby from winning the hearts of everyone who meets him. Nothing can put a damper on this boys loving demeanor. 

Fundraising for the friendly feline is adamantly underway. Since St. Francis Society Animal Rescue is an all volunteer, non-profit 501-c-3 animal rescue organization, every single penny donated will help Christopher’s fight to live agony-free.

He is currently on pain medication to help with his knees, but arthritis will only make it more difficult to recover the longer he is without the surgeries. They are trying to keep him minimally active to help the muscles, but sure to never push him past his limits or with anything that would cause pain.

St. Francis shared their plea with the devoted followers who have been there since day one of Christopher’s intake. We are happy to help join the cause!

“Village, we need your help!! Christopher’s medical care is going to be very costly, but we believe he is worth every dime of it! Please watch his video (taken before he was sick with the infection) and look how happy he is! He wants to live and we want to help him walk. Can you please help Christopher and make a donation for his care? We would also be grateful if you could share his story. On behalf of Christopher, we thank you for your help!!”

Please be sure to make a comment that this donation is for Christopher’s care.

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Miraculously, Two Lost Cats Found Alive 3 WEEKS After Their Home Explodes!

A woman in Kansas lost everything when her house exploded on July 19th. They sadly believed this included her two beloved cats who could not be found after the tragedy.

Photos: Kunimitsu (Wichita Gazette) & Mr. Tibbs (Facebook: Ashley Nadeau)


The year had started with a bang, a more positive one, when Ashley Nadeau was named the new Director of Marketing and Development for the Topeka Performing Arts Center. She had just given birth to a little girl, Rosalie, and this new mom was ready for anything that life threw at her.

Photo: Facebook Ashley Nadeau & newborn Rosalie

What no one could guess was that life was going to literally “blow up” for her!

The fire officials know that a power line had come down in a storm when a branch fell, likely causing the explosion and utter destruction of her home. Two nearby homes were also destroyed in the blast but fortunately no one was severely injured.

Thankfully, they were not home when the tragedy occurred but the family’s 2 cats, Kunimitsu and Mr. Tibbs, were on the property. Ashley had smelled gas and been advised by the gas company to evacuate as a precautionary measure. Mom and dad gathered up Rosalie and the families two dogs, and fled.

*We can only assume here that the cats were indoor/outdoor and not found when they fled the home. Comments from people asking why they were left behind have gone unanswered on social media but Ashley’s Facebook account assures friends and family she’s actually a “crazy cat lady”. 

The home reportedly blew up at 10:30 pm, only an hour after they had left. They would never have known it’d be the last time they walked out the door.

The blast was felt blocks away, as if a freight train had rumbled through the streets. 

Photo: The aftermath

Dealing with the loss of all their belongings and cherished cats was overwhelming, but this strong woman held her head high and hoped for the best through it all. She told one local paper that she’d been having dreams that she had found the cats. This fueled her desire to hold on to hope.

And her positive outlook was met with an amazing karmic return!

Just this week, the insurance company was onsite at the remains of the house. While the work crews were cleaning up the debris, they were shocked to find Kunimitsu hiding in a pipe! They called Ashley immediately and she couldn’t believe the what she was hearing.

Photos: Found online at Topeka Capitol-Journal

It had been 3 weeks since the disaster!

Ashley rushed to the site, happily retrieving a scared and dirty Kunimitsu in her arms and went straight to the vet. The poor girl did have some singed fur on her body and ears, but other than that, physically seemed healthy. She stayed at the vet’s overnight so they could test her blood and liver levels after not having access to food and water for over 20 days.

Photos: Found online at Topeka Capitol-Journal

If Kunimitsu had been found, now Ashley was sure not going to give up hope of finding Mr. Tibbs!

She and a friend went back to the property the next day to sift through the rubble for any family mementos or signs of her male cat. This extremely lucky lady was absolutely astounded when her friend found him also hiding underneath the remains of the home!

After all the heavy machines and equipment plowing through the site the day before, it’s unbelievable that he had survived that AND an explosion. Just like his sister, Mr. Tibbs had his ears and fur singed in the scorching heat. 

Photos: Found online at Topeka Capitol-Journal

Ashley has no misgivings about the miracles that she experienced and they are ALL extremely lucky to be alive.

Her family and friends have supported her with anything she is in need of while she rebuilds her life. More than 100 people have donated to helping them, generously raising over $8,000!

Friends at the Dog Day Afternoon Pet Ranch & Resort were happy to look after pups Chappie and Winston for her during the displacement.

Photo: Facebook Ashley Nadeau: Winston (yes that is Ashley behind him) & Chappie

We wish the whole family the best of luck (you can never have enough!) going forward and hope they will all be safe and sound under one roof again soon <3

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This Cat’s Life Is JUST Peachy!

The world is buzzing this harvest season about the adorable cat who just can’t get enough of his favorite fruit, peaches.


When Lydia Coutre tweeted about her parents cat, Ozzy, on August 1st, she had no idea what she was gifting to the world. Since then, her post has been retweeted over 71,000 times! All because the 6-year-old lynx point Siamese/tabby mixed boy loves the fuzzy fruit.

The family adopted Ozzy back on September 13th, 2013 from the Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, Michigan. He made it just in time to enjoy the families homegrown fruit before the season ended, usually in late September. Right away, he found comfort in “peach pillows”, the soft skin making the purrfect resting place!

Photos: Instagram Lorraine Coutre


The family tried to put their haul in a safer spot, but Ozzy happily goes where the peaches go. Sisters, Lydia and Lorraine lovingly reminisce about past seasonal silliness. 


Twitter followers flocked to the adorable cat posts, unable to get enough of the sweet boy.



For those speculators out there, Ozzy isn’t necessarily snuggling up to the soft fruit because he’s lonely. He has an adorable younger sister, 4-year old Darcy. The two even have their own Instagram page, run by Lorraine that has more photos and even videos of the peachy-keen cat.

Photos: Instagram Lorraine Coutre

With his purrsonal life going viral, Ozzy has done an amazing job ignoring the hype. He happily goes about his daily routine and isn’t embarrassed one bit by his exposed fruit fetish.


Ozzy’s long love affair with peaches was documented back in 2016 and it’s only become stronger over the years <3


In the welcoming world of crazy cat people, there is no shame in going over-the-top when you find a special soul. Ozzy’s new fans have asked about paraphernalia to honor the new star. Fan art has already surfaced on Twitter and talk of a Peach Cat Calendar sounds like a winning project!


So it looks like there’s no stopping this fluffy feline and his fuzzy fruit, and we are purrfectly okay with that!

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25 Cats Living In Hoard Rescued When Fire Breaks Out; Happily Moving On Thanks To CARF

Some very lucky cats who narrowly escaped a fire in Illinois have warmed the hearts of their rescuers.

Back in March of 2018, a raging 5-alarm fire in an apartment complex on the north side of Chicago broke out around 8:30 pm. All the residents in the 72 unit building were evacuated as the fire spread through the walls on 2 of the 5 floors. It took fireman about an hour to extinguish the blaze that they determined began in a plumbing wall. Thankfully only 1 person had minor injuries but some resident felines were not as fortunate.

Photo: Facebook Chicago Fire Media; Brave firefighters exiting the building after successfully extinguishing the blaze.

Sadly one of the residents was found to have at least 35 cats living in her small home, some as young as newborns. Devastatingly only 25 of the felines were rescued from tragedy. A few of the cats that made it out of the inferno with their lives will wear permanent scars. 

Thankfully the owner signed the remaining cats over to CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation, so they could receive the care and medical attention they badly needed. Fosterers and medical staff would welcome the traumatized the cats into their homes and hearts.

Experiencing the worst of the injuries was a shy chocolate-brown female, named S’mores.

She was lucky to have one of the veterinarians from Village West Veterinary, the founder of CARF’s own vet clinic, fostering her to watch over her difficult recovery.

Photos: Facebook CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

S’mores had suffered severe burns on her ear and paws. On April 4th, the team shared a nerve-wracking update on her.

She had been fighting a fever for 5 days and wasn’t eating so they’d been syringe feeding her and giving her fluids through an IV. The brave fighter was also put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications for infections.

Through it all, she still loved snuggling with her favorite toys, receiving face massages and proved even with toasty paws, she could still “make biscuits” with no issues.

After a few days, S’mores was finally feeling a bit better. No doubt with the help of her candy-striper zebra and a fluffy sheep sent by a caring supporter of the group! =)

Photo: Facebook Bruce E. Silverman

She wasn’t out of danger yet though.

The sweet girl’s burns were so bad that surgery was eventually required to remove the infected tissue. This sadly included losing an ear and one of her toes. Volunteers were ecstatic when S’mores still showed love and snuggles, despite all she’d experienced.

Photos: Facebook CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

While S’mores was battling infections and burns, another cat named Parker was also coping with the after-effects of the hoarding situation and fire.

Photos: Facebook Allison Tarr

On April 13th, CARF took in Parker, a beautiful grey girl who had been under the watchful eye of vets and medical personal since the fire. She was experiencing very bad skin issues from the environment she’d been living in.

One of the CARF volunteers had taken a special interest in Parker. For her birthday, Allison Tarr raised $740 for the lucky cat to help with her recovery! With the donations from her birthday fund, Parker is sure to start the next year of her life with hope and eventually a new furever home.

Photos: Facebook Allison Tarr

Another pair of rescued cats arrived at the center, happily having avoided injury from the flames and now out of the inhumane conditions.

From the moment they arrived at CARF, Ash and Cinder spread their joy and love to everyone they met.

Photos: Facebook CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

The girls were both about 5 months old and without the ongoing recovery their “sisters” were enduring, were able to be put up for adoption in a short time.

On April 22nd, the adorable black and grey duo were scooped up together by one lucky family! It’s a wonderful thing that the girls were able to take the next steps of their life as a pair.

Photos: Facebook CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

Just last week, CARF were pleased to announce more happy news about S’mores.

After several surgeries which required numerous trips to and from the vets office at Village West, S’mores captured the heart of her foster mom. Nursing the loving cat back from her horrific ordeal, there was no way she could let the cat go and S’mores will stay with her fur-ever! A purr-fect ending to a long and difficult chapter for S’mores. =)

Photos: Facebook CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

Lots of great reminders to give – and keep – all cherished fur-babies from experiencing heartbreaking situations this this ! 

*Spay/Neuter your pets!

*Adopt Don’t Shop!

*Support your local rescue organizations!

*Fire Prevention Safety for your pets! 

*If you see something, say something! It’s not likely someone can hide the smell or sounds from 35 cats in an apartment building without anyone noticing. 

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Cat Missing For 9 Days Found Safe In A Most Perilous Pawsition!

A man in Scotland was surprised to find a cat stuck behind the grille of his Hyundai SUV. He was even more shocked when he realized it was his daughters beloved cat who’d been missing for over a week!

On July 24th, Sharon Stirling began desperately posting on her Facebook page when her cat Jacob, went missing.

“Has anyone in the Onthank area seen my boy? He hasn’t been home since last night. =( He’s a really scared cat and won’t approach anyone. Plz contact me if anyone has seen him x”

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

Sharon scoured her neighborhood, knocking on doors and hanging flyers in the hopes her cat would be found.

Her friends and family shared her post and offered encouraging support.

I’ve put it on missing pets, he’ll come back …. probs found a lady friend x”

Maybe locked in a hut as cats are so nosey, you’ll be beside your self will worry, he’ll be home soon xx”

Shared Sharon- keep positive that he will come through the door soon with a wee mouse for u x”

Her living nightmare continued for 9 days with no sign of her black and white fur-baby, Jacob. Sharon called vet offices and rescue centers but unfortunately Jacob was not micro-chipped. If he was picked up, without the microchip to scan, there would be no way to know if was him and to contact Sharon.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

Luckily Jacob was neutered so if he did find a “lady-friend” there wouldn’t be any babies from the encounter. Within the 7 years Sharon and Jacob had been together, the timid boy never spent a night outside of her home. This led her to believe that perhaps he had gotten into a nearby shed or garage and been locked in on accident.

By the end of July, Sharon’s Facebook posts were heartbreaking but she refused to give up.

That’s a week now ma gorgeous boy has been missing and I will keep posting until he comes home. I miss him so so much and want him home safe. Again can I please ask people to share this? Thanks so much & I really appreciate all the shares & everyone’s lovely comments. They’re a comfort to me while my boy’s missing. He went missing in the Onthank area of Kilmarnock xx”

Can I ask everyone to share please cause I am desperate to get my boy back and hug him like he’s never been hugged before!! xxx“

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

9 days after Jacob had gone missing, the call came from her father, Alex. He had found the cat stuck behind the grille of his car!


Sharon had borrowed the vehicle for a few days and on that fateful day, the feline must have climbed up into the car before returning it to her father. Little did he know that his toasty spot would take him on a harrowing journey!

Her father had not just gone about his usual routine during that time. He had actually driven 80-miles to visit a friend on the coast of Scotland…with Jacob aboard!

When the car was parked at his home however, the front grille faces a wall so seeing Jacob wouldn’t have been possible if the cat remained silent. Once they learned of the cat’s location, he did recall that he’d noticed other cats hanging around his driveway and SUV, which was out of the ordinary.


Fortunately when he was leaving the grocery store, he heard meowing coming from his car. Climbing under the car for a better look, he realized that he had a stow-away on board, but didn’t recognize Jacob at first.

He initially went to a local veterinarian to see if they could get the cat out but they couldn’t get to the trapped feline. During their efforts he realized just who the cat really was!

He called Sharon and driving VERY slowly and carefully, they met at a Hyundai dealership nearby. At first the technicians didn’t believe Alex until the car was up on the lifts as nothing like that had happened to them before. It took 4 technicians but they were able to remove the bumper and free a dirty Jacob in about 20 minutes.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

Neither of them could believe that Jacob was alive after what he’d been through!

They immediately took him to his vet and were shocked and over-joyed to learn that although he’d lost about 2 pounds and was dehydrated, the only injury he had was a bruised nose. They believe that he was able to survive by drinking rainwater that fell and had it been hotter weather, may not have been so lucky.

Now, Jacob is back home, safe and sound with Sharon being very closely monitored these days. She was sure to give him those promised hugs she worried she’d never have the chance to give. <3


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